Kiran Bola

Running 5K a day for 5 days!

Hello, thank you for visiting my fundraising page! :)

For anyone that knows me, you may know that i don't have the best relationship with running... after about 5 minutes i may, or may not be on the way home lol. However, i want to really push myself this year mentally and physically to complete 5k a day for 5 days straight! EEK!

I am challenging myself alongside my STEP team for the amazing charity SeeAbility who work hard to provide specialist support, accommodation, and eye care help for people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss.

If you are able to, please sponsor me to run 5k a day for 5 days which i will be doing in the middle of October. Any amount of donation would be massively appreciated, thank you so much for the support. xx

My Updates

Final day DONE! 🥰

Monday 19th Oct
Thank you so so so much for all the support and love... this got me through! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

4th 5k done! My knees are definitely feeling it! 😂🥺

Sunday 18th Oct

3rd day done! Legs are feeling it! 😂

Saturday 17th Oct

2nd day! :)))

Friday 16th Oct

1st day of my 5k ! :D

Thursday 15th Oct

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dilip Pattni

Smashing it Kiran well done 👍 x


Sunita Ram

Proud of you!


Ravi Jassal

You'll smash it Kiran :)) x


Rajan Shanan




So proud of you, i know you can do it! Good luck <3


Phav Singh


Esha Bola

So proud of you Kiran!! You’ll do amazing :)) x


Selina Saran

Goodluck Kiran. From the Saran Clan Xxxxx


Katie Franklin

Go Kiran! You can do it :-) Missing you my FIT buddy!


Grandad :)

Good Luck


Mavis Rice



Good luck Kiran! Great cause


Pritpaul Bola


Jayeeta Desai

Good luck Kiran x


Priya Sasha Bajaj

Good luck Kiran! You can do it! Xx


Krisan Narendradadan

Well done and salute for your commitment!


Rammy Jerlin

So proud of you x


Jyoti Chauhan

Good luck!! You’re amazing and you’re going to smash this ♥️♥️♥️



Good luck Kiran! ❤️❤️


Junaid Osman

Good luck Bola x


Amber Birdi

Good luck with your run Kiran!! I’m super proud of you and all that you are doing to help others 💖💖


Nicole Kalair

Good luck my beautiful Bola aka Usain Bolt✨✨✨✨!!! You are going to smash, I’m so so so proud of you. Xxxxxxx


Sunny Kumar


Haaris Hussain



Well done Kiran! Xx


Monica Duggal

Well done kiran and good luck, sure you'll smash it xx


Sue Bint


Margaret & Denise



Best of luck girl! You can do this 👸🏽💪🏽


Priya Bola

Good luck, you will smash it!! ❤️


Annie Millington

Good luck Kiran! x


Mohsin Shafiq

Good luck 👍


Priya Amin

Good luck Kiran! You'll smash it!!


Hanita Kaur

Good luck Kiran!!! So proud 😘